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Laura Gibson & Breathe Owl Breathe @ Dan’s Silverleaf 2/14/12
Sometimes we hate and love Denton for the same reasons. We hate the transience of a university town, the impermanence and superficiality. We are a fleeting blip on a cross-country brain—anonymous and untethered. ...
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Hot Rods and Cold Beer at “Pistons and Paint”
The Chupacabra’s classic car club hosted their 11th annual, “Pistons and Paint” car show on Saturday, November 12th at the North Texas fairgrounds. The show, which is celebration of hot rods, music, and retro culture, featured dozens of remodeled and restored classic cars from all over the state. Car enthusiasts, many in clubs of their own, were invited to display their vintage automobiles for the...
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Do For It Halloween Showcase at Hailey's 10/28/11
Anyone who attended the Do For It Halloween concert on October 28th at Hailey’s was definitely in for more of a treat than a trick. The Denton venue was ghoulishly, but subtly decorated for the occasion ghosts and other Halloween entities, and the haze courtesy of the tobacco-loving concert-goers definitely added to the atmosphere. Each of the Do For It-signed bands that performed took on the appe...
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My Brightest Diamond at Hailey’s
When we first saw you walk out of that backdoor at Hailey’s, in your neon-orange pants and multi-colored cape, we didn’t know what to expect. We thought you might be disappointed, we being so small in number and you being such a well-respected musician. We thought you might find us below your usual standards and might adjust your performance accordingly. But Shara you didn’t rebuff, repel, or revo...
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Sextape at Rubber Gloves
Every once in a while, you walk in on something and you think, holy shit, this is the future—and it’s happening right now. This happens in Denton about as often as you walk in on something and think, really, this again? The Sextape show on Thursday night at Rubber Gloves oscillated between the two extremes. ...
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Album Reviews
Scott Mulvahill Debut
The first half of the forty minute long self-titled album has a soft emotional tone that is focused mainly on pop rock bringing to mind throwbacks like Ben Folds Five or Hootie and the Blowfish....
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Lazy Native Release Debut
Native mixes songs that feel hopeful and upbeat with songs that are sorrowful and forlorn. ...
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The Gypsy Bravado Prepare for Debut Release
The Gypsy Bravado has been providing Denton locales with some good old rock 'n' roll for the better part of the last year and are currently wrapping up production on a new EP. The 5-song release is the first official recording by the band, and to engineer and mix the sessions they enlisted the expertise of Beau Bedford and Nick Jay of Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights fame. The title and exac...
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Seryn “This Is Where We Are”
The band has been playing the songs on the album nearly since their formation and having performed these tunes so many times they have perfected them to a fine art....
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D. Anson Brody's Elephants and Entropy Album Review and Interview
Overall the album is brilliantly done. Its dark undertones and subject matter really fit well with Brody's masterful style of playing. ...
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